Mel Thornberry,

Who Are You?



I have loved photography since I first picked up a camera 25 years ago. Then when I stepped into a darkroom, I found, my passion- Photography.

Over the years from shooting film, then transitioning to digital photography. From the darkroom to the computer, I have seen a change in how people see and think about photography.

We used to take out time taking photos and they were important to us. They are the things we treasure given to us from previous generations.

Now, we take thousands of photos, and hope we get a good one.

When did our feelings about photography change? Probably about the time that we got decent cameras on our phones.


With photography being readily available, there has been a change in the quality. A lot of people don’t want to spend thousands of dollars learning the ins and outs of photography, and that is where I can help you.





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