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Brand Change

I have re-branded!

Instead of seeing the green F/64 name and logo, you will now find me at Mel Thornberry Photography. The logo is the same...but it is now a nice dark blue.

The reasons for change?

I went on a Business Retreat in Bali earlier this year. Yep...tough gig.

The wonderful biz coach asked my what the name meant. As did everyone I met. She then proceeded to tell me if I had to explain it, then it was not a good name.

So, after some thought, the answer was logical and Mel Thornberry Photography was born.

The beliefs, values, work and the photographer are the same. (well through study and practice the work has grown and evolved)

The change in colour?

The simple answer is Science. Have a google about what different colours mean and represent and you'll have your answer. And I love blue.

I am REALLY excited about the changes and look forward to sharing exciting news and info!

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