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Spring has sprung!

Hello again!

Well, for us lucky people that live in Australia spring has well and truly sprung.

The blossom trees are in bloom and the nights are getting warmer. I even took one of the blankets off my bed yesterday! Signs of the warmth to come.

But with the nicer days, we are coming out of hibernation and looking for the sun.

Last week the traffic to the coast was banked up for kilometers!

I want to share with you a secret about photography:

'Photography is all about looking at your surroundings and REALLY seeing what is around you. Look at the world like a 1000 piece puzzle. See all the details.'

We look at things everyday. But really seeing what we are looking at and what makes up those things is something that takes your photos from the same as everyone else's, to something that amazes everyone you show.

Till next time, keep looking around.

Mel xo

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