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Photography on Holidays

Holidays are such a fun time. I am typing this sitting in our Air BnB in Surfers Paradise.

We (My husband, son and I) have done the Theme Parks loving every moment.

I packed my camera, but I have had such a fun time being in the moment, enjoying the looks on my sons face that I have found myself being a really bad pro photographer and capturing the whole trip on my phone! (insert guilty feeling here)

It has been easy so easy and so convenient. It slips into my pocket and is easy to throw in the bag when getting on and off the rides.

Why did I change my mind as to my photographic equipment over the last couple of days?

1. convenience

2. light weight

3. ease

4. instant sharing

5. to be in the moment, enjoying the moment

I have a bad habit that no matter what camera I use, as soon as I put it to my eye, I go into photographer mode and see everything through the viewfinder. Not truly there. I am scouting the next photo and the best angles. So, in the first 10 minutes of being at SeaWorld, I put the camera away and started shooting with my phone.

It has enabled me to enjoy the moments and be a part of the family trip and experiences.

Never fear my wonderful readers...Your photos WILL be taken on an actual camera. I haven't lost my love for my pro camera.

But in a time that everyone is looking at their phones, we are missing out on being a part of the experience. I may bag out how much people use their phones and live through them. But using my phone this week, has helped me enjoy all the moments this trip has had to give me. While also having my beloved photos of our time away.

So thank you Samsung for making the camera on my phone with such good quality so I can enjoy my holiday with my family.

Remember, keep looking around. The most amazing things are there for us to see when we look up and SEE the world around us.


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