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Last night I attended an AIPP event.

It was as 'Pick a Brain Night' where a few of the members that have specific knowledge and skills share their expertise.

I learnt so much!

I had great advice on this web page, so you might have noticed a few changes. Things being added and taken away.

I also talked to brilliant photographers who have helped me in the direction I am taking Mel Thornberry Photography.

I have recently learnt that in any profession, you need to keep yourself in touch with people in your industry. We need to stop looking at everyone as competition, and see them as worlds of information.

I was looking at other people in my profession as people that I had to compete with. Who I have to be better than and be jealous of.

But in reality, they are people. People I can talk photography with. People that are actually there to help and support.

I love what I do and am proud of my work. We all should have more confidence in ourselves and our work.

Thank you to the amazing people who last night gave their time to share what they know and have learnt through constant growth and education. You helped open my eyes to what is possible in my business and that I have been looking at so many things in the wrong light.

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