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When did we loose interest in our photo memories?

When did we loose interest in our photos?

When did we stop having photos to give and share?

For many years now, we have had the ease of having cameras and photos on call. Sorry about the pun. It wasn't intentional. But it kind of rings true. ;D Another pun!

It is hard to remember when we had a phone that didn't take photos.

I was telling my son about the phones we used to have. He couldn't fathom that it only made phone calls.

We have cameras and albums in our pockets everyday and for the most part, all day. These cameras also double as albums.

The trouble I have found with that?

People just aren't as interested in seeing you photos. Whether they are of your holidays or your kids. Hand someone an album or photo book and they will look at the photos, ask questions and be interested.

So what happened?

Did we get lazy? Or is it just easier?

In a previous blog, I posted about how I used my phone to take photos of our recent holiday.

As great and easy as doing that was, I have done NOTHING with the photos.

I would normally print out a few and pop them in an album to look back on and enjoy. Not to mention that people are bored as soon as you bring the phone out to show the images.

I have seen this for a long time, but it never really sunk in like it has recently.

I will be going back to my old habits and making an album or getting a photo book done.

I don't want our memories to be lost into the clouds in which they are stored.

Talk soon,


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