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Small Business Visual Marketing Workshop

I have been listening to a lot of people through my networking and have heard and seen people unhappy with the images they are taking for their businesses.

Why don't they get a pro photographer in to take the images?

Because they are put off by the experience. They don't have the income to be bringing in a photographer every time they need a photo taken.

How can they fix this?

By learning and educating themselves on the rules of photography so they can apply it to their images for posting online.

I am running a workshop designed for Small Business Owners to learn the basics of photography so they can be confident in what they are posting and the they are representing them in a professional light.

There are more details to come, but you will learn about composition, lighting and visual awareness just to begin with.

The difference with this workshop?

It is fun and easy AND you can use what you will learn using you phone OR and camera.

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